Picture this: you’ve finally designed your dream outdoor space – a place for alfresco dining, stargazing soirees, and maybe even the occasional backyard barbecue brawl (okay, maybe not that last one). But when it comes to countertops, the options can feel a bit… limited. Sure, concrete can take a beating, but is it exactly what you’d call “sophisticated”? That’s where quartzite starts to steal the show.

We at Omni Surfaces, your local experts in all things gorgeous countertops (and yes, that includes outdoor options!) in Houston, Texas, get this question a lot: can quartzite brave the elements, or is it best left indoors? Buckle up, design enthusiasts, because we’re about to unveil the truth about quartzite’s outdoor potential answering your question: Can Quartzite Be Used Outside?

Quartzite: A Knockout That Packs a Punch

Let’s be honest, quartzite is a looker. With its vast array of colors and patterns, it can elevate any space from bland to “wow” in seconds. But its beauty isn’t just skin deep. Quartzite boasts serious muscle, too:

  • Tough Enough for Anything You Throw at It (Almost Literally): Scratch? Chip? No problem. Quartzite’s incredible hardness makes it a champion against everyday wear and tear.
  • Bring on the Heat: Fired up about that outdoor pizza oven? Quartzite can handle the high temperatures without breaking a sweat (or scorching the dough!).
  • Low-Maintenance Marvel: Just like your favorite pair of jeans, quartzite requires minimal upkeep to maintain its stunning looks.

These qualities make quartzite a superstar indoors, but can it translate its magic to the world of patios and grilling stations?

Quartzite Outdoors: Weighing the Pros and Cons


  • Built to Last: Quartzite’s inherent toughness makes it a contender for outdoor countertops, patios, and other exposed surfaces.
  • Heat Resistant Hero: Outdoor kitchens and grilling stations can rejoice! Quartzite can withstand the heat without flinching.
  • Stain Stopper (for the Most Part): Spills and messes become less of a worry with quartzite’s non-porous surface.


  • Beware the Acid Attack: While resistant to most spills, acidic culprits like citrus juices or harsh chemicals can etch the surface.
  • Temperature Swings Can Be a Downer: Extreme temperature fluctuations can cause quartzite to crack over time, especially in areas with harsh winters.
  • Sun’s Kiss Can Fade the Bliss: Direct and prolonged sun exposure can lead to slight color fading in some quartzite varieties.

The Verdict: Is Quartzite Your Outdoor Oasis’s Perfect Match?

Quartzite can be a fantastic option for outdoor use, but it’s important to consider your climate and how you plan to use the space. Here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Green Light for: Covered patios, outdoor kitchens with minimal sun exposure, low-traffic areas.
  • Hold Off On: Open patios exposed to harsh sunlight and extreme temperature changes, high-traffic areas like walkways.

Keeping Your Quartzite Looking Fabulous Outdoors

So, you’ve decided quartzite is the one for your outdoor haven? Here are some pro tips to ensure it stays looking stunning for years to come:

  • Seal It Up: A high-quality sealant acts as a shield against stains and etching.
  • Shade It Right: Opt for covered areas or consider shade structures to minimize sun damage.
  • Clean Up Spills ASAP: Especially those acidic ones, to prevent etching.

Explore the Beauty and Durability of Quartzite at Omni Surfaces

At Omni Surfaces, we offer a wide selection of quartzite slabs perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications (with proper considerations, of course!). Visit our showroom in [Your City/Region] or browse our online collection to discover the perfect quartzite for your project. Our friendly staff can answer all your questions and help you determine if quartzite is the ideal choice for your outdoor vision.

Remember, choosing the right material for your outdoor space is key. Let Omni Surfaces be your partner in creating a beautiful and durable outdoor haven you’ll love for years to come!