Top Choices for Durability

If durability is what you want in a countertop, there are three choices that are both extremely durable and very attractive. The two hardest natural stone slab countertop materials are granite and natural quartzite. Both score high on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, and both are beautiful. Granite is quarried in almost every country in the world and is one of the most abundant fine stone products; it’s available in every color of the rainbow and in patterning that ranges from subtle flecks to dramatic veining. Quartzite is formed when sandstone and quartz are subjected to extreme heat and pressure. The resulting stone is heat and stain-resistant and is considered an exceptional choice for countertops. The most sought-after types of quartzite come from Brazil and India.

A new and innovative slab countertop product has recently been introduced to the market. Sintered stone uses natural materials such as clay and feldspar. It mixes these fine minerals with pigments and then subjects them to 5,000PSI of pressure at 2200F degrees. The resulting slab is extremely durable and attractive. Sintered stone is incredibly easy to care for; you can cut on the surface without damaging it, and it also withstands heat. It wipes clean easily with a damp cloth, and it doesn’t need to be sealed or conditioned. Sintered stone is also available in a variety of colors.

And stone slab is also a wonderful choice for bathroom vanity tops, floors, walls, or accent pieces. Visit a stone supplier today and discover the beauty of natural stone slab!