The perfect kitchen or bathroom countertop is beautiful, durable and easy to care for. Today’s homeowners have a wide variety of countertop surfaces to choose from, ranging from ceramic tile to wood, from laminates to steel, from concrete to natural stone.

Many people prefer the look of stone slab, but although they may know about the relative merits of granite and marble, they may fail to consider the advantages of engineered quartz slabs. This affordable and environmentally friendly alternative is constructed of ground natural quartz stone mixed with small amounts of resin and pigment. Engineered quartz has a number of aspects that can make it the best choice for your kitchen or bathroom.

Why Choose Engineered Quartz?

Engineered quartz slabs are created by mixing about 90 – 94% ground quartz with 6 – 10% resins and pigments. Most companies use vibrocompression to manufacture slabs; this is a patented process first invented in Italy by the Breton company. Slabs are available in set sizes and thicknesses, which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Caesarstone, for example, creates slabs of uniform size (56.5 inches by 120 inches) and in two thicknesses (0.75 inches and 1.25 inches). Slabs are fabricated to fit your kitchen and are installed in pieces.

Engineered quartz has many advantages over other materials, including:

Appearance. Firstly, engineered quartz brings beauty to your kitchen. Designers have created hundreds of different slabs. Many homeowners are attracted to the fact that engineered quartz, unlike marble or granite, is consistent in color and texture, which makes matching seams a snap! The way in which the stones are ground changes the appearance of the surface. Finely-ground stone gives the surface a smooth, uniform look, while coarsely-ground stone has a flecked or speckled appearance that mimics the patterning found in quarried stone. Most engineered quartz is manufactured in neutral tones, but a range of colors is available, from pearl white to deep reds or black. The current trend toward pale-colored countertops means that engineered quartz is in the spotlight; it’s available in many lighter tones. You can also choose the finish and edge of your countertop so that you’ll get exactly the look that you want.

Durability. Engineered quartz is one of the most durable surfaces available; it’s strong, hard, dense, and non-porous. Stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and acid-resistant, engineered quartz is perfect for countertops, walls and backsplashes. Because of the resin content, it won’t crack or chip. And most engineered quartz comes with a long warranty, giving you assurance and peace of mind.

Ease of maintenance. Engineered quartz countertops are incredibly easy to maintain. They require no sealing and can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. (A non-abrasive cleanser can be used when necessary). Engineered quartz is resistant to bacteria, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

Shopping for Engineered Quartz

Most suppliers of engineered quartz slab sell their products directly to fabricators. But some of the better suppliers maintain a showroom where homeowners can go to see their products. Omni Surfaces, for example, is a premier provider of stone to both Texas and Louisiana. Omni offers 15,000 square foot showroom facilities in Houston and in Lafayette that are well-lit and fully air-conditioned. Customers can browse Omni Surface’s stone and engineered stone products in complete comfort, even in the heat of summer.

Visit a showroom today and learn more about the many advantages of installing engineered quartz in your home!