Have you considered installing limestone slab in your house? Limestone slabs usually have a sandy appearance that looks good with stainless steel, wood, and many other materials making this material very versatile. Like marble, limestone has a soft, buttery look that makes any room seem warm and welcoming – but it’s more affordable. It’s a sophisticated stone that adds value to any home.

Origin of Limestone

Limestone was formed from the bones of ancient sea creatures; traces of some of these creatures remain embedded in the material as fossils. The occasional imprint of a chamber nautilus, for example, or other small shells, makes limestone utterly unique. The stone has an “old world” or antique look that grows over time as the slab weathers.

Installing Limestone

Limestone is pre-treated with color-enhancing sealant and needs regular resealing. Some homeowners install limestone in conjunction with other stone, for contrast. Others prefer to use limestone exclusively. Most limestone slabs have honed finishes, which enhances their warmth. Also, any seams in your limestone counter can be smoothed over with a polishing pad.