Marble and granite are two top choices for Texas kitchen and bathroom material. When choosing a stone slab, there are several considerations that will affect its appearance. These include:

  • Color. You can choose neutral tones such as tan, cream, grey, brown, white or black, or you can opt for more exotic varieties in vivid greens, blues, golds or reds. Both marble and granite are available in a huge range of colors and color combinations.
  • Patterning. Patterns in stone can be subtle, such as the light grey feathering that’s characteristic of classic Carrara marble, or patterning can feature bold geometric shapes or dramatic veins. The combination of color and pattern make up the major visual impact of your stone countertop, walls or floors.
  • Finish. After you choose a stone slab, it is sent to the fabricator, who will prepare and cut it for your project. The stone will also be finished. You can choose a highly polished glossy finish, or a matte or honed surface. Each has advantages, and personal preference is the main criteria. You can also select a textured finish such as sand-blasted, bush-hammered or shot-sawn.
  • Edges. The types of edges available for countertops range from basic straight edges and rounded bullnose versions to ornate edges such as ogee or waterfall types. Basic edges work with virtually any style of décor, while ornate ones are more suitable for traditional styles. Platner or knife edges give your countertop a strong contemporary look.