Throughout the ages, marble has been associated with luxury and elegance. Works of art such as the bust of Artemis, Michelangelo’s David and the Lincoln Monument showcase marble’s soft luminescence. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal and the Temple of Apollo at Delphi exemplify the use of marble in fine architecture. And now you can add the elegance of marble to your home! A marble countertop, fireplace, wall or floor is an inimitable design element that adds beauty to any room and value to your home. Marble warehouses in Houston carry a variety of marble slabs, from classic white and grey Carrara to exotic blue marble from Brazil that can become a centerpiece for your kitchen or bath. No matter what the style of your décor, you’re sure to find the ideal marble at one of Houston’s premier stone suppliers.

Choosing a Stone Supplier

Unfortunately, in Texas, many stone suppliers don’t maintain warehouses or showrooms. Most marble slabs are on display in outdoor stone yards. There are two major problems with looking at stone in an outdoor yard. Firstly, you are not seeing the stone the way it will be seen inside your home. Bright sun glare or overcast skies can make the true coloring of the stone difficult to see. Dust may also distort the way the stone looks. Secondly, Houston weather can be challenging! Heat, humidity and wind can make outdoor shopping unpleasant. After a day of trudging around to outdoor stone yards, you will be exhausted and unlikely to make the best decision.

Before heading out to view marble slabs, research Houston-area stone suppliers. Better companies maintain large showrooms where you can see the marble in the right setting and shop in comfort. Omni Surfaces, for example, boasts a 50,000 square-foot showroom on Clay Road that is well lit for optimal viewing and fully air-conditioned for your shopping comfort! Feeling relaxed and having the time you need to consider various options in a pleasant atmosphere can make a great difference when you’re making an important purchase.

The Advantages of Marble

Of course, beauty is the number one marble advantage. This fine natural stone catches and reflects light, giving it a depth and glow that’s unmatched by any other material. You can select a color and pattern that’s perfect for your project. You can also choose a finish. Many people like the high gloss of polished marble, while others prefer a honed surface. If you are installing a countertop, you can also select an edge from the many different types available. Ogee or Cove edges may be best for a more traditional kitchen, while a Platner edge gives the stone a sleek, modern look.

Marble is also largely resistant to cracks, scratches and burns. It is very safe and sanitary and is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Better suppliers provide pre-sealed stone and occasional resealing is a simple procedure you can do yourself. Marble is extremely durable, and with proper care, your marble home accents will retain their natural beauty. Recent studies show that a natural stone countertop is a real estate selling point that adds thousands of dollars of resale value to a home. And marble is more affordable today than it has ever been.

Visit a Houston area marble warehouse today and discover the beauty of this elegant natural stone!