In Texas, two of the most sought-after types of natural stone countertops are marble and granite. But many homeowners don’t realize that there are many other types of stone available to them. One of the best ways to explore the types of natural stone products on the market is to visit a stone supplier’s showroom. Unfortunately, in Texas, many stone suppliers don’t maintain a showroom; instead, they keep slabs outdoors in the yard. This can make for a hot and dusty day of shopping! In addition, looking at stone in the glare of the sun or on overcast days won’t really allow you to see how it will appear in your home. Before heading out to choose your kitchen or bathroom countertops, find out which companies display their products in comfortable surroundings. Omni Surfaces in Houston, for example, maintains a 15,000 square foot facility that’s well lit and fully air-conditioned. Making important decisions is much easier when you see the products you’re considering in a cool and pleasant setting.

A World of Choices

Here are some of the options available for Texas homeowners:

Granite is the number one kitchen countertop choice of homeowners everywhere. Quarried in virtually every country in the world, granite comes in a staggering array of colors and patterns, from neutral shades with subtle flecks to exotic burgundy with bold black veining. Granite is hard, stain-, scratch- and heat-resistant and easy to care for. It’s safe for your family and it will last a lifetime.

An alternative to granite is quartzite. Even harder than granite, quartzite rates high on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It is formed when sandstone and quartz are subjected to tremendous pressure. Although most quartzite is white or grey, it can also be found in reds and pinks; oranges and yellows; and greens and blues. Much of it originates from Brazil.

Not to be confused with quartzite, quartz is an engineered stone that’s approximately 90% crushed quartz stone mixed with resins and pigments. Quartz is available in any color you can imagine and, because color and pattern are uniform, matching seams is easy.

Throughout history, marble has been associated with fine art and architecture. Installing a marble countertop brings beauty and elegance to your home. Marble catches and reflects the light, giving it a depth and luminous glow that’s unparalleled.

Often overlooked, onyx is a slightly translucent stone that can be backlit for dramatic effect. It’s most commonly available in cream, gold, red and green tones.

Travertine is imported from Italy, Mexico, Turkey and the Middle East. It’s usually found in shades of walnut, gold, cream, coral red, beige and ivory. Travertine is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Many people don’t realize that there are various types of soapstone. While soft soapstone is used for carvings, the harder type has been used for countertops for centuries. Hard and non-porous, soapstone can withstand heat and is virtually stain-proof.

Explore the Possibilities

Once you’ve chosen a stone slab, your fabricator will get it ready for your project. You will also be able to choose a finish and an edge. Natural stone slab surfaces add value to your home and beauty to your life. Consider stone floors, walls, fireplaces, or other design accents. Visit a stone supplier’s showroom today and learn more about finding the perfect stone for your home!