Kitchen countertop surfaces vary dramatically in performance from one material to another. Granite and marble are highly regarded as the top two contenders due to their stunning natural beauty and durability. Travertine and quartzite are sought after for their oftentimes dramatic colors and patterns. Sintered stone slab is a relative newcomer to the countertop game, but provides all of the beneficial attributes of other natural stone products. Its unbeatable durability and simple maintenance make it an ideal solution for anyone looking for a beautiful yet durable countertop. The finest sintered stone slab Houston has available can be found at only the most reputable and progressive natural stone supplier in the region.

What Is Sintered Stone?

Sintered stone is a manufactured surfacing material that is similar to porcelain in many ways. It’s made by controlling the crystallisation of the most refined natural ingredients. Minerals like feldspar and clay are heated to over two-thousand degrees Fahrenheit while a pressure of roughly five-thousand pounds per square inch is applied. The result is a product that equals its natural stone counterparts in terms of looks, without the veins or fissures that can lead to cracks and breaks. Sintered stone slab is non-porous, easy to maintain and is among the most durable surfacing materials on the market. Companies like Laminam are able to produce these slabs in varying thicknesses that are suitable for applications throughout any family home. Sintered stone countertops are usually lighter than other stone products, which makes installation more forgiving. While any stone countertop installation is best left to the professionals, sintered stone is notably easier to manipulate and maneuver into position without the fear of breakage.

What Are the Benefits?

Sintered stone slab provides the following impressive benefits:

  • Very resistant to heat: Some sintered stone products are so resistant to heat that they can be used as induction heat tops.
  • Stunning beauty: All of the beauty of other natural stone products, some with color that goes straight through the material.
  • Care-free maintenance: Simply wipe with a warm, damp cloth.
  • Incredibly durable: This option evolved from the same materials used to decorate the exterior of buildings and to create pathways. This is truly a new level of durability in home countertops.
  • Available in large slabs: Like other stone products, the large slabs are big enough for kitchen islands, dinner tables, as well as countertops.
    Sintered Stone Slab Houston

    Since sintered stone is still a reasonably new product, only the most well-stocked and forward-thinking natural stone suppliers are able to provide it. If you’re looking for the best-sintered stone slab in Texas, don’t bother searching through outdoor stone yards under the grueling sun. Only one company in Houston carries Laminam stone slabs, and they have an impressive fifty-thousand square foot warehouse that happens to be indoors, and fully air-conditioned.

    If you’re looking into surfaces for your new home or a home renovation project, you’ve likely come across sintered stone. It’s a truly remarkable option that has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Finding the right sintered stone slab Houston has to offer is more convenient than you think. There’s only one place to get it, and best of all, it can all be seen in a comfortably air-conditioned warehouse.