Sintered stone slab is one of the newest premium surfacing materials available today. It’s a relative newcomer to the countertop scene and is making waves with some of the most sought after interior designers today. If you’ve been looking for a great material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors or walls, there’s a good chance you’ve come across sintered stone slab but didn’t realize exactly what it was. Learning a little about this truly impressive stone product could definitely lead you to a slab countertop that will rejuvenate your living spaces in ways that other materials simply can’t match. If you’re looking for the best sintered stone slab Louisiana has available, you’re in luck. One of the finest natural stone retailers in the world is in your area.

What Is Sintered Stone?

Natural stone slab like marble or granite come directly from the ground. The stone is cut to size, polished and installed. Sintered stone is a little different. It’s a manufactured stone product that is created using high quality minerals. Laminam, a leader in the industry, uses a patented process to create the finest sintered stone slab in the world. One hundred percent pure mineral compounds are refined prior to being brought up to over two-thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Once the correct temperature has been attained, the minerals are pressed into shape. It takes about five-thousand pounds per square inch to create the most durable product possible.

Why Sintered Stone Slab?

Natural stone products are revered for their sophisticated and elegant beauty, their durability and the ease with which they are maintained. Sintered stone provides all of these benefits while existing in a more reasonably priced range. It is a breathtaking material with unmatched durability. Sintered stone is also non-porous, which means that it can’t be stained and will never need to be sealed, unlike most other natural stone products. Manufacturers like Laminam create sintered stone slabs in a variety of thicknesses, which makes their application throughout the home as easy as it is practical. This type of material is best installed by a stone professional, but is lighter and easier to maneuver than traditional stone slabs.

Where to Buy

When it comes to Laminam sintered stone slabs in Louisiana, there’s only one choice. Like their other three locations, the finest in the stone surface industry provides their customers with a massive fifteen-thousand square foot, fully air-conditioned warehouse. If you’re looking for the perfect stone slab for your home, you should be comfortable doing so. Don’t battle the intense sun, dust, dirt or humidity if you don’t have to.

Innovations in home surfacing rarely come along; sintered stone definitely is a milestone in countertop design. Take advantage of the only material that provides customers with all of the benefits of a natural stone countertop with the price tag more closely matching that of ceramic or porcelain. You’ll be rewarded with a stunning stone surface that is simple to clean and that will maintain its natural lustre for decades to come. Contact the most well-stocked and reputable purveyor of natural stone and sintered stone slab Louisiana has to offer. It’s a call that could lead to one of the best home investments you’ll ever make.