Travertine slab is frequently quarried from Mexico and Turkey, but has been used as a premium surfacing material in homes throughout Italy for thousands of years. The Roman Colosseum is constructed primarily from travertine blocks and is a beautiful example of the material’s longevity and ability to create a stunning sense of elegance and sophistication. Travertine slab is commonly used as a high end surfacing material for vanities, tables, floors and fireplaces, stretching its usefulness well throughout your house. Like most other natural stone products, travertine slab presents homeowners with outstanding benefits that other surfacing agents simply can’t match. If you’re looking for the best piece of travertine slab to suit your unique living space, it’s advisable to visit only the most well-stocked and reputable natural stone retailer possible.


All natural stone products provide homeowners with a timeless and luxurious look. Each piece of travertine slab is completely unique. No two pieces of any natural stone are identical; each one is as unique as the space in which it’s installed. Travertine slab is far more durable than composite or wood countertops and is resistant to heat and scorching from fires and beauty tools. One of the more notable benefits of travertine slab is the range of colors to be found in the most reputable natural stone showrooms. Noche, travertino, navona and classico are just a few of the most beautiful options out there. From beige to reds and even gold shades, there’s a travertine slab ideally suited to any home décor.


There are countless applications for travertine slab throughout the home. It makes an ideal flooring surface, which is an excellent way to tie in design aspects from one room to another. Consider creating a dining room table to match your travertine stone fireplace mantel. Living room end tables and bathroom vanities made from similarly colored pieces of travertine slab are the perfect way to create a great flow. If you happen to live in a temperate zone, travertine slabs can be an excellent material for creating pathways around your property and safe pool decks.

Visit the Professionals

If you’re looking for the best possible travertine slabs for your home, your best option is to visit a natural stone professional. The best in the business won’t let you wander aimlessly under the glaring sun in the dirt and the dust. Be sure to visit a well-stocked, air-conditioned warehouse featuring the biggest names in the industry. Ceaserstone, Laminam and Ariostea should all be represented. Should you have any questions about the attributes of any stone on display, the experienced staff will be more than happy to help.

Travertine slab has been used for thousands of years, but in recent decades, it has become far more popular with the most sought after interior designers and home builders. Each unique piece is absolutely stunning and will ensure decades of service when properly maintained. If you’re unsure which piece is right for you, a few questions directed at the friendly and professional staff found at the most reputable natural stone retailer is sure to put you on the right path. Start looking for your perfect travertine slab today and enjoy classic elegance in your home for years to come.